Physical Site Security

We specialize in Managed Security Cameras, Managed Door Access, and cutting-edge solutions like Managed Temperature, Air Quality, and Vape Sensors. Explore our offerings below to discover how we can help fortify your security infrastructure.

Enhancing Safety and Security with Managed Physical Site Solutions

Physical Site Security

Physical security is paramount in safeguarding your premises, assets, and personnel. Our managed solutions offer comprehensive protection through advanced door access control, surveillance cameras, and environmental monitoring sensors, ensuring round-the-clock safety and peace of mind.

Managed Door Access

Efficiently manage access to your facility, allowing only authorized personnel with our advanced door access control systems.

Managed Security Cameras

Monitor your premises with precision using our state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, providing real-time video surveillance for enhanced security.

Managed Temperature & Air Quality Sensors

Maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor environment while detecting potential hazards such as temperature fluctuations and air quality issues with our advanced sensors.

Secure Access, Seamless Control

Managed Door Access

Control and monitor access to your facility with our Managed Door Access solution. Our access control systems empower you to manage entry and exit points efficiently, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access restricted areas. With advanced features and seamless integration, our solution provides enhanced security and peace of mind.

Easily manage user access rights and permissions, granting or revoking access as needed.

Monitor door access activity in real-time from anywhere, ensuring complete visibility and control.

Tailor security settings to different areas of your facility, ensuring appropriate access levels for different personnel.

Maintain a detailed log of access events, allowing for easy auditing and compliance tracking.

Watchful Eyes, Enhanced Security

Managed Security Cameras

Enhance your physical site security with our Managed Security Cameras solution. Our state-of-the-art camera systems provide round-the-clock surveillance, enabling you to monitor and protect your premises effectively. Key features of our Managed Security Cameras service include:

We offer a range of high-definition cameras to suit various environments, ensuring crystal-clear video footage.

Access live camera feeds from anywhere, at any time, via a secure online portal or mobile app.

Receive real-time alerts when motion is detected within camera range, enhancing security response times.

Our systems come with ample storage capacity for video footage, which can be easily retrieved for review or evidence purposes.

Monitoring Wellness and Safety, 24/7

Managed Temperature/ Air Quality/ Vape Sensors

Protect your indoor environment with our Managed Temperature, Air Quality, and Vape Sensors. These sensors help you maintain a comfortable and healthy atmosphere while also detecting potential hazards. Key features of our Managed Sensors service include:

Ensure your facility maintains the ideal temperature range, whether it’s a server room or a climate-sensitive workspace.

Detect pollutants, allergens, and other air quality indicators, enabling you to address issues promptly.

Enhance security in sensitive areas by detecting vape and smoke, helping to enforce no-smoking policies.

Receive instant notifications when sensors detect abnormal conditions, allowing for quick responses to potential threats.

Access historical data and analytics to make informed decisions about environmental conditions.