Elevate automotive operations with our comprehensive IT solutions tailored for efficiency, innovation, and security.

IT Solutions for the Automotive Industry


Automotive companies rely on IT supportfor several crucial reasons:  

Your business handles all kinds of customer data, financial records, business, and employee data making your business a larger target of cyber threats. VTG layers cyber defense tools to safeguard your business against data breaches, hacking, and unauthorized access.

Automotive companies rely on IT infrastructure for various functions: supply chain management, production, sales, and customer service. Vector Tech Group provides efficiency and ease of operation. We proactively manage all your hardware and software needs and offer prompt support with your technical issues to minimize downtime.   

The automotive industry generates vast amounts of data—from vehicle diagnostics to customer data, Vector Tech Group assists with data storage, analysis, utilization, and backup.


"VTG has been an integral part of our business for over a decade now! From computer replacements, to setting up our Wireless network, to dealing with all the FTC mandates. They've always been readily available to assist with any project we've had. It's made my job as the internal "IT department" much easier. VTG is my first recommendation for anyone looking to simplify and improve their business processes."