Education Solutions:
Survey & Assessment Services

Vector Tech Group offers Survey & Assessment Services tailored to educational institutions seeking to optimize their current environments or implement new networking solutions.

Empowering Tomorrow's Learners

Education Solutions

Educational institutions require robust network infrastructure to support innovative learning environments. At Vector Tech Group, we specialize in delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of schools and universities.

Survey/Assessment Services

Gain insights into your network's performance, security, and scalability potential to support the evolving needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Design Services

Craft practical design plans tailored to align with your budget, specific requirements, and performance objectives for optimal network functionality.

Engineering and Cabling Services

Leverage our expert engineering services for seamless network operations and our certified cabling crews to enhance connectivity for advanced educational technologies.

Support Services

Access ongoing support and maintenance to maximize network performance and reliability, empowering educators to focus on delivering quality learning experiences.

Choose Vector Tech Group for your education solutions because we prioritize understanding your unique needs and offer tailored services to optimize your network infrastructure. With our experienced team and commitment to reliability, Vector Tech Group ensures seamless integration of technology into your educational environment.

Optimizing Your School's Network Infrastructure

What We Do

Schools interested in optimizing their current environments or implementing new networking solutions should first analyze their existing network and cable infrastructures, along with their current and future requirements. Vector Survey & Assessment Services can help schools identify any specific needs and potential problem areas.

These services utilize capacity and performance tests to identify potential problem areas. In addition, it also helps schools budget out projects for building a next-generation network capable of supporting increasing bandwidth demands. As part of these services, Vector Engineers will:

Check network architecture and design for performance, availability, security, consistency, and manageability

Evaluate network infrastructure, application delivery, interconnectivity, router and switch configurations, and performance

Evaluate network infrastructure age and expected lifecycle

Evaluate existing low voltage and fiber optic cable infrastructure age and compatibility

Assess network security, including compliance issues and best practices

Appraise network performance, including traffic patterns, bandwidth optimization, internet connectivity and network vulnerabilities

Perform RF propagation site survey to provide insight into the wireless network and its coverage

Evaluate and Support Your Education Network

Survey & Assessment Services

Having a robust and reliable network infrastructure is crucial for facilitating learning and administrative tasks. Our assessment and assessment services are perfect for schools looking to improve their network.

Here’s what we do:

Before embarking on any network upgrade or deployment project, it’s essential to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your existing network and cable infrastructures, as well as assess current and future requirements. Vector’s Survey & Assessment Services are designed to pinpoint specific needs and potential problem areas within your network.

Our Survey & Assessment Services utilize capacity and performance tests to identify potential issues. Our team of engineers conducts a thorough evaluation, checking network architecture, infrastructure age, security measures, and performance metrics. We assess existing low voltage and fiber optic cable infrastructure and evaluate network security, compliance, and best practices.

Upon completion of the assessment, Vector provides a detailed Network Survey/Assessment Report, presenting findings and recommendations. This comprehensive report serves as a roadmap for future network improvements, budget planning, and project prioritization.


By partnering with Vector for Survey & Assessment Services, educational institutions can make informed decisions about their network infrastructure. Gain valuable insights into your network’s performance, security posture, and scalability potential to support the evolving needs of students, faculty, and staff.

At the conclusion of this service, Vector will provide a detailed Network Survey/Assessment Report, present the findings, and discuss recommendations and next steps.