Custom Development

Vector Tech Group delivers state of the art custom software solutions from website development, hosting, and management, to custom desktop applications development with managed updates, hosting, and integration. Our development team is dedicated to helping you solve complex challenges with reliable and agile digital solutions.

IT Solutions for Your Business

Web and Desktop Applications Development

We offer fully customizable and up to date webpage and desktop application creation, hosting, and management. We believe that your online presence becomes increasingly more important every day.

While most businesses have an online presence, not all businesses have an updated, responsive, and modern presence. With Vector Tech Group, we offer you the ease of mind that your website will have managed updates, content, and backups.

We also believe that each business has unique needs, and sometimes the solutions you may need, are not yet created. Vector Tech Group is committed to offering total flexibility to support your company’s growth with high quality, and efficient solutions.

Whether it be your customer facing website or internal tools, we ensure that your platforms are always provided the necessary updates to content, software, and security needs. While also maintaining a modern feel and maximizing efficiency.

We work to make our solutions engaging, and user friendly. With easily integrated tools and our managed web development services, we are able offer ease of use, with up-to-date user analytics.

Our solutions offer fully customizable design and function solutions. Our development team is flexible and has experience connecting various solutions using APIs and other integration solutions. We allow you as much control and input as you desire, while providing guidance based on our expertise and experience.

With our managed web development services, we offer a secure cloud platform. We implement a website firewall that will scan for vulnerabilities and alert us of any suspected concerns so we can proactively work to protect your company.

Website Hosting Solutions

Web and Desktop Applications Hosting

Cloud hosting your website is a solution that combines the features of dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. It offers the exclusive use of dedicated physical servers along with the flexibility and scalability of cloud infrastructure. Cloud hosting your web applications allows for things such as:

Utilizing a cloud hosted solution for your needs allows for us to fit scale the solution size to fit your needs, ensuring that you only pay for what you are using.

With cloud hosting you can trust that if one cloud server fails, another can take over. Additionally, our cloud hosted solutions offer daily backups that we can restore from, if need be. This is how we provide our clients with more reliable and continuous hosted solutions. Cloud hosting also allows for your systems to be accessed from multiple locations, offering ease of access and use.

We implement rigorous security measures such as network monitoring, traffic encryption, and managed backups to protect your hosted websites and applications.

Overall, dedicated cloud hosting is ideal for businesses that require the control and power of a dedicated server but also want the scalability and efficiency of the cloud.