Government and Municipalities

Elevate government services and enhance municipal operations with our specialized IT solutions. From cybersecurity to cloud infrastructure, we empower government agencies to serve citizens efficiently and securely.

IT Solutions for Government and Municipalities


Government and municipalities have unique IT needs due to their multifaceted responsibilities. Here are some reasons why they require IT support:

City governments manage diverse functions, including utilities, fire and rescue, police departments, and administrative services. VTG is CJIS Certified to assist with all your IT needs, offering a seamless experience with communication and data management.

Municipalities handle sensitive citizen data, financial records, and critical infrastructure. Vector Tech Group offers safeguards and tools to strengthen your cyber defense, while meeting and maintaining compliance standards.

City networks, servers, and databases require regular maintenance. We offer solutions that minimize disruptions, optimize your systems and tools, and address hardware failures.


As a small municipal government office, we do not have the financial resources to hire our own I.T. staff member(s) to meet our needs.  For the past 23 years now, we have worked with Vector Tech Group (VTG) for our I.T. needs.  Our relationship with VTG has evolved in that time as our I.T. needs have changed, and VTG has always provided dependable, quality services.  VTG currently provides a managed service plan for our server and all computers, email hosting, website hosting, cloud back-up, firewall monitoring, and spamware/ransomware detection & prevention.  The staff at VTG is professional and courteous and they have the knowledge and expertise to assist with all of our I.T. needs.  We much appreciate our working relationship and their continued support!