Education Solutions:
Engineering & Cabling Services

Transform your school’s network infrastructure with Vector’s comprehensive Engineering and Cabling Services. From expert installation and configuration to meticulous cable infrastructure analysis and testing, our BICSI and Hubbell certified teams ensure optimal performance and reliability for educational institutions.

Empowering Tomorrow's Learners

Education Solutions

Educational institutions require robust network infrastructure to support innovative learning environments. At Vector Tech Group, we specialize in delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of schools and universities.

Survey/Assessment Services

Gain insights into your network's performance, security, and scalability potential to support the evolving needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Design Services

Craft practical design plans tailored to align with your budget, specific requirements, and performance objectives for optimal network functionality.

Engineering and Cabling Services

Leverage our expert engineering services for seamless network operations and our certified cabling crews to enhance connectivity for advanced educational technologies.

Support Services

Access ongoing support and maintenance to maximize network performance and reliability, empowering educators to focus on delivering quality learning experiences.

Choose Vector Tech Group for your education solutions because we prioritize understanding your unique needs and offer tailored services to optimize your network infrastructure.

Crafting Future-Ready Network Solutions

Engineering Services

Vector Engineering Services provide unmatched expertise in helping schools install, configure, and validate networking solutions including but not limited to Firewalls/Routers, Network Switches, UPS’s, Wireless Access Points, Wireless Controllers, and NAC solutions.

These services may include:

Review design and validate with pre deployment walkthrough

Document existing hardware and configurations

Configure and validate new network equipment

Identify and validate connection points

Integrate new network equipment per the defined connections

Configure and integrate any network monitoring and analytics tools

Perform functionality validation

Perform post site survey to validate connections and coverage

Produce as-built and knowledge transfer documentation

Education Solutions to Empower Your Learners

Cabling Services

Vector Cabling Services operates as multiple cabling crews with each crew having its own Project Manager and all necessary tools to provide Low Voltage and Fiber Optic cabling services to schools across the state. Our crews are all BICSI and Hubbell certified and have decades worth of experience to provide unmatched quality of service to schools across the state.

These service may include:

We analyze and validate current cable infrastructure to ensure compatibility and efficiency.

Our experts test and tone existing fiber optic cabling to verify functionality and performance.

We offer closet cleanup services to organize and optimize cable infrastructure for better management.

Our services include the installation and termination of Cató and Cat6A low voltage cabling to support diverse network needs.

We install and terminate SM and MM Fiber Optic cabling, ensuring high-speed and reliable data transmission.

Our technicians are skilled in fusion splicing and repair of existing Fiber Optic cabling to maintain network integrity and performance.

With our experienced team and commitment to reliability, Vector Tech Group ensures seamless integration of technology into your educational environment.