Discover tailored IT services for the manufacturing industry, including network infrastructure, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions, designed to enhance efficiency and security in production environments.

IT for Manufacturing Companies


Manufacturing companies just like yours heavily rely on the IT and Cybersecurity support Vector Tech Group offers for several critical reasons:

Manufacturing operations heavily depend on technology. VTG’s managed service and security solutions stack seamlessly together to offer peace of mind that your systems and data are up to date, backed up, and secure. We focus on keeping your systems operational, so you can focus on your business.

Manufacturing systems store all kinds of sensitive data such as business critical data, trade secrets, financials, and customer data. This means you are a very desirable target for cyber threats. We prioritize making sure you, your data, and your users are secure and protected by layering cyber defense tools, security awareness training and consulting on ever evolving strategies.   

Manufacturing companies often generate vast amounts of data. With the support and tools that VTG offers, we help streamline data management and handling, ensure data retention and retrievability, manage system updates and maintenance, and offer informed decision making.


We have been a client since 2017. Vector Tech has been there every step of the way, whether it be equipment, support, or security. We feel safe knowing we have access to everything no matter in or out of the office. We also enjoy not having to host our own server.