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Cabling & Hardware Services

Starting a new technology project is easier said than done. It can be very intimidating, and at times, feel like it might never be finished. From project management to onsite help and Smart Hands, we will be by your side from the beginning to the end, and even after the project is complete. VTG has the resources and knowledge to analyze, start and finish your project under budget and on time.

You only deal with us and our team, don’t worry about us subcontracting your work out.  We are single source to ensure you only get our very best!


Since 1991, we have built the communications backbone for thousands of businesses – using the best products and adhering to the strictest standards for quality and regulatory compliance. Whether your organization is large or small, VTG provides a single source for all your cabling needs.

A reliable technology cabling infrastructure is critical for your network runs correctly. Trust our experienced Technology Cabling team to do the job right…the first time!

  • VTG offers a wide range of data cabling, such as: category 5, 5e, and 6 networking, RJ45, coaxial, fiber optic, copper, and low voltage infrastructure upgrades.
  • Installation of wiring, fiber optic, network switches, gigabit backbone, and upgrades for all data infrastructure.
  • Inside, Outside and Multi-Site Cabling for new or existing infrastructures.
  • Cabling and fiber Infrastructure Testing, Verification and Certification.

As of 2019, we became a certified Bicsi Corporate Member. This is a very high standard for low voltage cabling company’s like ourselves. Not only is this an important certification for us, but it should be an important certification to our current and future clients. When quality and cabling standards are important to you, call on Vector, a Bicsi Certified Cable Installer Company.




Hardware Maintenance

We all have equipment. Sometimes, it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. Whether you need new equipment or the current equipment fixed, we can help.

Our techs are certified in all the latest technologies, and our team will work with you to decide what the best plan is for your technology today and moving forward.

Cloud Solutions

Simply put, cloud solutions are hosted services. Rather than installing software applications on a computer, for example, your business can run these applications directly from a hosted server.

This principle also applies to data storage: rather than keeping folders full of important work on your own computers, that data can be stored remotely and backed up “in the cloud.”  Basically, you are able to access your files and folders on any device with internet access, regardless of where you are.

VTG’s Cloud Solutions are elastic (so you can scale your user count up or down as needed), and fully managed by VTG. One of the best features of VTG’s Cloud solution is that our datacenters are located in Michigan, which means your data is always secure and safe  – and never leaves our home state.

VTG Cloud Benefits
Access data anytime, anywhere
Immediate and long-term cost savings
Your data is secure, safe
24/7 Service Desk and Support
Email Services
IT Expense Predictability

eCommerce Solutions

We partner with the leading solution in eCommerce to produce the best online store for your business. This platform boasts an industry leading 99.99% uptime with fully customizable front end themes to provide your business with a reliable and user-friendly online store. With built in tools that utilize all methods of online selling, we can help grow your business and keep it sustainable.

It’s easier than ever for businesses to have a digital presence across a variety of channels. A 2017 point-of-sale solutions survey of 1,164 U.S. business owners conducted by Square and Mercury Analytics found that:

  • 56% have a physical store.
  • 21% have a pop-up store, or pop-up at events.
  • 34% sell through their own website (using a website building platform).
  • 25% sell through Facebook (40% on social media as a whole).
  • 16% sell through Amazon (more should, considering almost half of purchases begin here).
  • 22% sell through other marketplaces (including Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc.).

Ecommerce Trends: 147 Stats Revealing How Modern Customers Shop in 2018. (2018, January 1). Retrieved from

Engineer As A Service

Technology is changing every day. Your business changes, too – and sometimes making technology work with and for your business is hard. We can help. We  understand that every business is different – so, our job is to consult with you and determine what solutions will work best for you.

When companies need engineering help on a temporary basis, they typically turn to staffing agencies to fill the gap.  Those agencies then start looking anywhere and everywhere for people with the necessary skill sets to fill the need.  We can solve this problem by a solution we call ‘Engineer as a Service.’ Engineer as a Service is a different offering from our temporary staffing placement of engineers.

We make the investment in training our engineer within your business environment up front so they are ready to assist you when needed.  When a need for support arises, the trained VTG engineer can jump into the project immediately, and no time or money is wasted on training and understanding the network. Projects will be completed more quickly and efficiently.

Hardware & Software

Vector Tech Group is a trusted re-seller for many hardware and software brands. This gives us the ability to offer competitive pricing and offer a much smoother quoting and implementation process. We can also manage the licenses and support plans for the hardware and software, making sure everything all bases are covered.

Vector Tech Group is a reseller for the following brands including, but not limited to:


  • Ruckus
  • Brocade
  • Aerohive
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Fortinet
  • Sonic WALL

    • Office365
    • Google Apps
    • BarTender
    • VMWare

Managed Services

Imagine a world where you no longer have to worry about being responsible for monitoring and managing problems with your IT systems, dealing with virus updates, software updates, inventory auditing, and several other tasks that keep you from running your business.

Worry no more! Your IT burden is now on us.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services solution allows you to call the shots. All maintenance is scheduled after-hours during a pre-defined weekly maintenance window that you get to decide upon.  You no longer have to worry about your machines slowing down during office hours.  Your IT bill will be consistent, so you’ll always know what to expect.

Mobile Applications

You have heard it before: “There’s an app for that…”

At VTG, we can build your business an app that will help you grow and give your customers the best experience possible. Whether it’s for iOS, Android or Windows, our mobile application development will deliver the app your business needs.

Contact us today to find out more about our mobile application development.

Network Infrastructure

In this age, reliable communication between your computer and the systems you need access to is vital to your business. Whether it’s setting up a new network or refreshing an outdated one, Vector Tech Group will help you choose what devices your network needs. Whether it’s a server, switch, wireless access point or firewall, we can recommend the best option for your business while keeping both your needs and budget in mind.

Contact us today to get a quote started.

Print Management

Businesses like yours are exploring new opportunities to significantly reduce costs by centralizing management of all of their printers and multifunction devices. VTG’s Managed Print Services (MPS) provide big picture visibility so you can manage your network print resources more efficiently, reducing energy and cutting costs on consumables, service, and cost-per-page.

Cut the cost of your printing.

With millions of devices under management, Xerox is one of the foremost leaders in Managed Print Services. Our MPS Solutions will improve the productivity and efficiency of your digital and paper-based communications. With Centralized management of your networked print devices you can balance business needs with budget realities.

Did you know?

You can reduce operating costs by up to 30% by transitioning your print devices onto a VTG PagePack Service contract.

VTG PagePack Benefits

Cut costs on print consumables, service, and cost-per-page.
Reduce energy use through device consolidation and upgrade.
Reduce waste when you order only the supplies you need.
Free up IT resources for more business-critical work than the support and maintenance of print devices.
Optimize efficiency with remote management and lifecycle management.
Streamline operations with centralized support for multiple brands and models.
Increase uptime with on-site service coverage.
Gain visibility into print activity and trends with online tools to improve control and management of devices.
Customizable solutions for your network, print devices, and operational priorities.

Project Management

Starting a new technology project is easier said than done. It can be very intimidating, and at times, feel like it might never be finished. From project management to onsite help, we will be by your side from the beginning to the end and even after the project is complete.

Project ManagementVTG has the resources and knowledge to analyze, start and finish your project under budget and on time. You only deal with us and our team, don’t worry about us subcontracting your work out.  Whether your project is hardware or software related, we are your single source to ensure you only get our very best!

Service Desk

Server crash on a Saturday? We can help.
Not able to print during lunch on Wednesday? We can help.

Vector Tech Group has a fully staffed service desk with level 1, 2 and 3 technicians. Our goal is to amaze you with quick and complete support. We can communicate with you via phone, email and text. VTG can provide both remote and onsite support for your staff and systems.

Our response times and SLA’s are at the top of industry standards. Contact us today so that we can start providing you with the best IT service in Michigan.

Software Development


What may sound like food items or musical notes to you, sound like fun to our developers. Whether it’s a custom application, support of an existing program or creation of a new website, we can speak the language. We have experience developing for manufacturing, education, medical, nonprofit and retail companies.

Contact us to find out how we can help you translate.

Supplemental Staffing

Business constantly changes and technology has to change along with it. Many projects come up during the course of the year which are either long term, short term, or unexpected.

When these technology projects arise business leaders have to decide between hiring full time help or the every once and a while help. We allow you to focus on your business while we take care of your staffing needs. We have the ability to bring our core skills to increase your efficiency and allow for what needs to be done.

Systems Engineering

One part of your office building is getting network connection, but another part isn’t.

Your Internet speed is very slow and you aren’t sure why.

You need to setup a new server and switch, but aren’t sure where to begin.

If you have an issue or need that requires more than a service desk call, Vector Tech Group’s team of skilled system engineers have the experience to handle issues like these. We can also help you plan for future improvements. You should be able to concentrate on what you need to do to make your business. We’ll take care of the IT.

Systems Security

Systems Security is now important more than ever. With cyber threats, scams and attacks happening every day on multiple platforms, you have to be sure your business’ data and infrastructure is secure.

Vector Tech Group has valuable experience with securing networks and business applications. We host our own managed anti-virus solution and have invaluable experience securing firewalls and building disaster recovery plans. Whether it’s training, application installation or restoring backups, VTG can make sure you business remains safe and secure.


You don’t have to become a wireless expert to have Enterprise Wireless!

Wireless is an absolutely necessary part of technology and everyday life. Unfortunately, not all wireless is created equal, and some is better than others – better signal, more coverage, and easy to manage.

That is why we chose Ruckus. Not only does it typically have a lower total cost of ownership, but it’s seriously powerful wireless that’s easy to deploy and manage.

We make it easy by being the total point of contact for a wireless project – we do the surveys, virtual heat maps, cabling, installation, configuration and certifications – we can even manage the network for you long term.

Included with Wireless as a Service

  • All hardware, cabling, network electronics and labor
  • Wireless System health and troubleshooting monitoring
  • Installation of all firmware, updates, and upgrades
  • Performance reports reviewed by VTG and adjustments made
  • Labor for changes in the wireless configuration
  • On-site service defective hardware warranty replacement
  • Advanced trouble notification
  • New equipment every 3 or 5 years (depending on the selected contract term)
  • Annual or monthly payments

Virtual CIO / IT Director

Technology enables a business to run, grow, and fulfill the needs of its customers. Unfortunately, technology is also in a constant state of change which can be confusing and frustrating.

Having someone on your side full time who understands technology and is looking out for your business can be expensive, which is where a Virtual Chief Information Officer or VCIO can help. A VCIO is an on demand technology partner who can help a business navigate the technology landscape and ensure your business has the technology it needs and knows about the technology that is coming.

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